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Clinical Aesthetic Medicine Valencia Dra. Lis Barreto. Face, corporal treatments and hands with the technology more outpost. Without surgery.
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Lasting Lifting: Absorbent Tensile threads.

11 June 2015, Posted by admin in Corporal, Face

The absorbent tensile threads are one of the techniques more outpost of lifting. At the moment, one is of the most used by its spectacular results. They provide an enormous improvement of the flaccidity creating you enmesh in zones depressed with crossed of threads in certain zones that allow…

The Hair: it finds your option of treatment

12 nov 2014, Posted by admin in Face, Hair

The hair is one of the more important aesthetic preoccupations of our time (as much by excess as by defect). Since the aspect of the hair is one of the factors that influence more in our appearance and that can more denote an age outpost, arriving even to affect… we are so glad to be able to help you all with this website, with the help of our low cost vps hosting so that we can spread the world on how to treat it better. And even, we can reach more people and give them more knowledge about this because not only the hosting plan that we are using is really good, it also provides us with php and helps us with html code so that the websites look more appealing.

Although it acts important as in the breathing and is fundamental in the sense of the sense of smell, normally hardly loans attention to the nose. Only usually we have it in account when we catch a cold or in those cases in that, by its size or form it disfigures the face…