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The best and more modern treatments to avoid the fall of the hair or the loss of hair.
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The Hair: it finds your option of treatment

12 nov 2014, Posted by admin in Face, Hair

The hair is one of the more important aesthetic preoccupations of our time (as much by excess as by defect). The aspect of the hair is one of the factors that influence more in our appearance and that can more denote an age outpost, arriving even to affect psychologically to that suffers baldness, in anyone of its degrees. Nevertheless, a well populated beautiful hair and is synonymous of youth and good health. That is one of the reason we made this website, to help other people to maintain their beautiful hair and to treat it properly, because hair is so important, and in order to help even more people, we are using best cheap vps hosting and our website has become better now. The hosting plan that we are using are included with cPanel, php, and mysql, which are very important.

Baldness or hair fall is a very frequent problem, especially at certain times of the year. Other times it is a progressive process that leads to desperate situations. Nevertheless, today no longer it is necessary to assume that the baldness lacks treatment. No longer of crossed arms must have left hoping we, without doing nothing, while one, being relatively young, is remained bald. Fortunately, the Aesthetic Medicine and Regenerative account with diverse treatments to solve the different types from baldness:

– Baldness can be classified in multitude of groups, according to its origin and manifestations, but the most frequent form is the androgénica baldness, that mainly affects the men and must its name to that it is caused by the action of masculine hormones on the hair follicle. The treatment of androgénica baldness is multi-factor and it is sustained on three fundamental pillars: hormonal treatment, you implant capillaries and bioestimulación with growth factors.

– Diffuse baldness consists of a loss of more or less intense, acute or chronic, but reversible and not located hair in a certain portion of the hairy leather. The acute telogénico effluvium is the most frequent variety and of greater importance. One takes place because many hair enter the telógena phase simultaneously, for example, after a childbirth (postpartal baldness); also after serious diseases, febrile processes, important stress or losses of weight.

– Seasonal baldness is another type of diffuse baldness that is pronounced as a transitory loss of hair that frequently has seasonal character and affects preferably to women between 30 and 60 years. The treatment of diffuse baldness passes through a customized valuation of the medical history and correction of the factors triggering factors.

– Baldness areata is a type of fall of the hair in patches, of origin not totally clarified, but very related to situations of stress and, sometimes, autoimmune diseases.

– Traumatic baldness is produced by direct traumatisms on the hair or the hairy leather. Most well-known trichotillomania, that is the nervous habit to take hair, causing bald of different sizes is called.

It finds your option of treatment

Doubtless, the most modern treatments come from hand of the Regenerative Medicine, with the growth factors at the top. The methods of obtaining of these factors of growth are very varied, although perhaps the most known they are the plaquetarios factors of growth or shapes rich in platelets (PRP). Its function is stimulating (bioestimulación) and are applied directly in the hair follicle (in the root of the hair) to multiply its capacity of regeneration and to obtain major amount of hair. An effective option is the mimetic peptides, that are applied by means of mesoterapia and contribute to the follicle not only the more specific factors of growth, but also a series of essential amino acids for their nutrition.

The hormonal treatment is indicated in the cases of androgénica baldness. The drug is called finasterida and worked blocking the negative effect of the testosterone on the hair follicle. This treatment has more than 15 years of experience in our country and has demonstrated to good clinical results and an excellent profile of security. It can be used as much in men as in women, since these sometimes also undergo androgénica baldness.

It implants capillary consists of transferring healthy follicular units of another part of the body (zone giver) to the affected zone of baldness (receiving zone). It is a very effective treatment and it counts on multiple techniques and variants.

The nutritional supplements are practically essential in the treatment of any type of baldness, and not only to an iron deficit (which is easily identifiable by means of blood analysis). The deficiency of other micronutrients can take to the loss of hair and its diagnosis is not easy. Recommendations?  A diet varied and balanced and complex nutritional specific for the hair follicle

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