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Aesthetic medicine treatments Valencia: corporal, face and hands. Aesthetic Medicine. Clinical Doctor Lisbey Barreto. Natural beauty without surgery.
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The face and corporal treatments of aesthetic medicine in Valencia that is always carried out in the consultation of the Clinic Dra. Lisbey Barreto are realised under the principles of effectiveness and low medical guarantee and the permanent search to remove the best thing from you, of your natural beauty. Artificial patrons do not look for, but he is tried to extract and to recover the highest expression of the own beauty of each person.

For it, and with the permanent objective search and continuous improvement of your image, we have of best and the more outposts technologies and techniques and the sector to world-wide level.


Treatments aesthetic medicine Valencia



  1. The most complete and effective treatment to rejuvenate expensive, hands and body, combining light and laser. Without surgery. 
  2. 100% comfortable one, without annoyances. Without pain.
  3. Visible results after the first session, effect flash. Excellent results.
  4. Without incapacity of the patient. After the treatment, the patient can continue with his daily activity since the repair of the skin is accelerated and reduces to the erythema post-cure.  He leaves sequels, neither of immediate form nor subsequent to the treatment. The person can be incorporated to her daily routine with normality.
  5. Fast: Based on the size of the area to try, the sessions of rejuvenation AFT-DYE last of 5 to 20 minutes
  6. Effective in all type of skins.
  7. Surely: Numerous clinical studies and scientific publications at world-wide level guarantee their effectiveness and security.


Rejuvenation of the skin. Wrinkles and lines of expression. Tightened of the skin (to tighten and to tone the limp skin).

Peeling laser and resurfacing of the skin.

Injuries you will tilt (Spots port wine, Hemangiomas, Telangectasias, Rosaceous, Angiomas and angiomas in spider, venous Poiquiloderma de Civatte, Malformations)

Pigmented injuries (Discromia, Hiperpigmentación, Hipopigmentación, Melasma, Freckles, Lentiginosis, Nevus, Spots white coffee).

Fotodepilación: permanent reduction of the hair.

Lightening of the pain in joints and bones.

Treatment of the acne. Atópica dermatitis. Psoriasis. Vitiligo.

Treatment of striae. Scars (Scars of acne, surgical and traumatic Scars).

Elimination of tattoos.


How much you want to rejuvenate?



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