Aesthetic Medicine | Face treatments
Face aesthetic treatments in Valencia: lips, acne, flaccidity, eyes, decollete, lobe of the ear, loss of hair. Customized solutions.
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Face treatments

Before beginning anyone of the face treatments the Dra. Lisbey Barreto evaluates the state of health of our patient, since our skin communicates to us how it is our interior: if we took a healthy feeding, if we are a quality sleepy, if we smoked… Also the state of our skin is valued medically: acne, spots, flaccidity, wrinkles of expression, luminosity, etc.

This gives an approach us to be creating a protocol of customized treatment that helps the patient to improve from the habits that him can precipitate their aging. For it they are provided you rule and later, treatment priorities settle down.

From the consultation of the Dra. Lisbey Barreto, we start up each of these nonaggressive treatments and obtained without surgery some surprising results of which our clients always feel satisfied.



Spots, hyperpigmentation post childbirth, melasma, spots by acne. Spots by photo aging. Hypertrophic scars, scars, scars by acne. Acne. Small but visible Cuperosis, veins. Expanded pore. Dehydration. Dynamic wrinkles, lines of expression, statics or.


The flaccidity appears when our skin loses elasticity. Most of the times, it is due to diverse causes as the pregnancies, the obesity, the abrupt changes of weight, a bad feeding… It is difficult to eliminate it, although nonimpossible. One of the techniques more outposts is the treatment with absorbent tensile threads. More information here.


Flaccidity eyelids



The contour of the eyes is a very sensible zone that is affected of any change of state. This zone of the skin is much more fine and is transparent, does not have hair follicles, nor so many sebaceous glands as the rest of the face, reason why it is a very sensible and unprotected zone. Flaccidity of the eyelids, looked tired, pouches… The specific treatment for each problem exists.


The mouth is one of the key points in the structure of the face. Based on the specific situation of each patient, the most suitable treatment is advised: filling, hydration and rejuvenation, peribucales bar code, wrinkles and comisura of the lip.

Stuffed lips

treatment decollete. Aesthetic


Wrinkles, spots, rednesses… the decollete is a very vulnerable zone to the passage of time since very it is exposed to the solar damage and the passage of time. Treatments exist that, combined to each other, rejuvenate the decollete in women of any age.


In the same way that the one of nose, can be realised the remodeling of the lobe of the ear in those patients who by different reasons have developed to flaccidity or descolgamiento of the same. Magnificent results without surgery and pain can be obtained.

Lobe of the ear flaccidity or descolgamiento



The loss of the hair is an aesthetic question that worries to the men much and, especially, to the women. Champús, lotions, vitamins, blisters… the number of hair products to palliate the antifallen effect is more and more extensive, but not always he is the suitable one.


In Aesthetic Medicine we dealed with the acne global form, valuing in the clinical file of the patient which is the cause the appearance of buds and classifying the type of acne. Later, the patient is informed in detail into the protocol to follow, indicating, of being necessary, the specific treatment, or is for infection, on-infection, scars, etc. These treatments go from oral route, treatment in clinic with peelings, microdermoabrasión or lamps that modulate the behavior of the sebaceous glands. The pursuit to the patient by our part is customized and continuous.