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Clinical Aesthetic Medicine Valencia Dra. Lis Barreto. Face, corporal treatments and hands with the technology more outpost. Without surgery.
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Corporal treatments

Corporal treatments: the body is important part of our identity and reflection of our form to move to us and our physical aspect. All this transmits to another idea exceeds we, and we did not talk about strictly to the canons of beauty that we are acquiring through society or mass media, but to the reflection that have in our body our own state of health.

To take care of itself not only by the aesthetic one is fundamental always and more when we arrived at certain age. In addition aesthetically much difference between the people who do not take care of themselves and the people exists who yes: healthful feeding, deports to regulate, corporal treatments…

Often we thought that our problems do not have solution and for that reason we did not take care of ourselves. Advise to you well, your problem yes that it has a solution and probably is possibly easier than you imagine.  If you wish it kitchen mhelp in the following link and obtén your first gratuitous visit



The overweight, evaluated by index of corporal mass, is detrimental for our state of present health as well as for the quality of our life in the future. The overweight causes that our more delicate structures are affected by the greater wearing down the one than they are put under due to the greater rubbing and pressure than is exerted on joints, plantar ligaments of support, muscles, arcs and spine.


Our body is subject to a constant hidroelectrolítico balance. The activity that we realised consumes to us and wears away differently being also the foods that we ingested the causes of which this balance modifies. Not always we have the same needs; for this reason, he is vitally important to be informed well and to be conscious that our health is consequence of everything what we do daily.


Treatment Aesthetic cellulitis Valencia Medicine


The cellulitis usually is associate to located adiposity. The landlord of the cellulitis has genetic factors and circumstances of quality of life that precipitate their appearance. The treatment must be focused to several aspects: to improve habits, to realise treatments directed to vascular pathology, superficial and deep adiposity, as well as to the hydric balance. We always treated each case combining different techniques.


The treatment of the striae this directed to improve the general quality of the state of the skin (tone, elasticity. ), through the stimulation of the collagen and increase of elastic fibers. Using the suitable techniques or the best combination of the same, the recent striae usually disappear and those of long evolution to improve noticeably.

Treatment of Aesthetic stria Valencia Medicine

Treatment Aesthetic flaccidity Valencia Medicine


Our skin thins, diminishes elastic and collagen. Following the degree of cutaneous elastosis or flaccidity the treatment is decided. In our clinic, in the majority of the cases, a combination of techniques is used: from topical treatments with peelings, microdermoabrasion, stimulation with radio frequency, mesoterapia with vitamins, amino acids and trace elements (which foment the collagen fiber production) to the hyaluronic acid infiltrations. At the moment, also we used the reabsorbibles tensile threads that contribute a greater effectiveness to deal with flaccidity the third inferior of the face and neck. In Aesthetic Medicine also we dealt the cutaneous elastosis with you implant inducers of collagen, in addition to supplementing, if the patient requires it, with oral treatment via of essential collagen and amino acids.


The treatment of the scars is realised according to its location, forms and size. Based on these parameters, several techniques are used: infiltrations, to roller, factors of growth and, of being necessary, surgery.

Treatment Aesthetic scars Valencia Medicine

Treatment foliculitis Aesthetic Valencia Medicine


The treatment of the foliculitis begins previously making a diagnosis of its cause. Once detected, they are applied the most suitable technique in each case: peelings, exfoliation, infiltrations or laser.


Varices must subsequent to be dealed with form the clinical diagnosis in which it is valued if venous insufficiency exists, study the factors triggering factors to control them, as far as possible, and the treatment is applied: sclerosis and laser of diode.

treatment varices Aesthetic Valencia Medicine

Treatment Aesthetic warts Valencia Medicine


In one first stage, a study of warts, freckles is realised, and other excesses and pigmentations leather to discard any pathology. Later, the best treatment is applied.