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Clinical Aesthetic Medicine Valencia Dra. Lis Barreto. Face, corporal treatments and hands with the technology more outpost. Without surgery.
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Our hands are reflected of the care that we dedicated to them. Although our bony and muscular structure genetically is acquired, it is our quality of life and our habits those that will determine later what we perceived visually as a healthful physical aspect or no. Some of the determining factors are the exhibition to the sun of inadequate way or the continuous use of aggressive detergents. All prevention is little.
In Aesthetic Medicine we have treatments directed specifically to the aging of our hands.



The hands have a sensible and delicate skin, with the aggravating one of which we used them continuously and are exhibited to external factors as the water, the cold, the blows and the sun. In Aesthetic Medicine we are specialistic in the treatments of spots. Following its type, extension and form we have different options: seapeelings, laser, pressed light, micro dermoabrasión,… to obtain the best results, in some cases, is necessary the combination of several techniques.


Our hands can have a cracked, dehydrated or parched aspect due to all the external factors before mentioned, but also caused by you rule of feeding inadequate or some disorder of health that will be identified, valued and tried by our medical equipment during the accomplishment of the clinical file.
In any case, specific treatments for the sensible and fine skin of our hands and formulas exist to recover the luminosity, smoothness and density of the skin. Aesthetic Medicine offers treatments to you with mesoterapia, hyaluronic acid noncross-linking and of low density, or roller: a technique based on the stimulation of the skin generating finally collagen and a suitable hydration.




Over the years the hands suffer lost of volume, of structure. The thickness of the skin diminishes as well as the greasy and hydric support. In order to recover an ideal aspect, we used techniques outposts of stuffed and superficial hydration.


The daily habits exhibit our hands to external aggressions that can bring about the appearance of scars.
Following his type, in Aesthetic Medicine we used treatments by means of different techniques: surgery, laser, microdermoabrasión, to roller, infiltration of corticoids, stuffed infiltration of or a combination of the same.