Aesthetic Medicine | Lis Barreto does PhD
Doctor Lis Barreto aesthetic medicine consultation in Valencia. Aesthetic Medicine.
It does PhD Lis Barreto, Lisbey Barreto
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Lis Barreto does PhD



Medical surgeon by the University of the Andes in Venezuela, 1995. Title accredited in Spain to Lawyer in Medicine, year 2000.
University Aesthetic Medicine master by the University of the Balearic Islands, year 2000.
Member of the Spanish Aesthetic Medicine Society SEME.
Specialist in:

  • Aesthetic Medicine anesthesia and surgery.
  • Drugs and mesoterapia applied to the aesthetic medicine.
  • Metabolism and nutrition.
  • Fleboestética and lymphatic pathology.
  • Obesity and lipodistrofias.
  • Endocrinology applied to the Aesthetic Medicine and Aging.
  • Techniques of promotion of the health.
  • Aesthetic gynecology.
  • Cosmetic Dermocosmética and techniques.
  • Aesthetic medicine of the skin, tricología and aging.
  • Electrotherapeutics, laser therapy, light therapy.
  • Hair transplants.
  • Phytotherapy and homeopathy.
  • Legal aesthetic medicine organization and aspects.
  • Botulinum toxin, Bioplastia.